Hello and welcome to Express School Of Motoring, an independent driving school providing high quality training in and around Bradford.

We are a fully qualified, DSA approved driving school with an above average pass rate, we offer high quality training tailored to each individual pupil so that you will be taught at a pace that best suits you.

It is not only new drivers that can benefit from training with us, we also provide Pass Plus, Motorway and Refresher courses for those who are already qualified but want to improve their skills, knowledge and confidence.


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Your road to driving

       Getting your provisional licence

Before you can learn to drive you will need to obtain a provisional licence. You can apply for this from the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). The application form can be obtained from your local post office.

  The theory & hazard perception test

The theory & hazard perception test must be passed before you can book or take your practical driving test. It is a multiple choice theory test followed by a series of video clips for the hazard perception element. We can advise on the learning materials required and our instructors will will be there to advise and provide support at every stage. To book the the theory & hazard perception test you will need to contact the driving standards agency (DSA) on 0300 200 1122 or online at www.dsa.gov.uk

     The practical driving test

The practical driving test is also booked with the DSA. We will let you know when we feel you are ready for the test.




try the above links for your theory and hazard perception

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HOME UK Road Traffic Signs



Various UK road traffic signs. These can be useful as symbols in documents, since they are instantly recognized by much of the general public,



Most text and geometric shapes (eg triangles, squares, circles, etc) were produced from PostScript programs rendered using GhostScript. Any remaining graphics (eg road works, falling rocks) were scanned from pages 58 to 62 of the 1993 edition of The Highway Code (HMSO publication, ISBN 0-11-550962-3), and pasted in.



Each sign is given an mnemonic code of one, two or three characters, and is available in each of three different forms (normal, white border, transparent background) and two different sizes (35 and 100 pixels high).

File names for these images are composed from the letters "ts" (for traffic sign), followed by the signs mnemonic code, followed by a hyphen, followed by a "w" for white bordered images or a "t" for transparent background images, followed by the height of the image in pixels.

The edges of the opaque regions in the transparent background images have been anti-aliased with a 75% grey background, leaving a fringe of this colour which blends smoothly with the default document backgrounds of the X and MS Windows versions of Mosaic. This fringe may become visible when viewed against any other backgrounds, especially darker or brightly coloured ones.

[red triangle only]
tst-35.gif, tst-100.gif, tst-t35.gif, tst-t100.gif, tst-w35.gif, tst-w100.gif,

Other danger; plate indicates nature of danger
tsod-35.gif, tsod-100.gif, tsod-t35.gif, tsod-t100.gif, tsod-w35.gif, tsod-w100.gif,

Road works
tsrw-35.gif, tsrw-100.gif, tsrw-t35.gif, tsrw-t100.gif, tsrw-w35.gif, tsrw-w100.gif,

Falling or fallen rocks
tsfr-35.gif, tsfr-100.gif, tsfr-t35.gif, tsfr-t100.gif, tsfr-w35.gif, tsfr-w100.gif,

[red circle only, same as "nv"]
tsc-35.gif, tsc-100.gif, tsc-t35.gif, tsc-t100.gif, tsc-w35.gif, tsc-w100.gif,

No vehicles
tsnv-35.gif, tsnv-100.gif, tsnv-t35.gif, tsnv-t100.gif, tsnv-w35.gif, tsnv-w100.gif,

No pedestrians
tsnp-35.gif, tsnp-100.gif, tsnp-t35.gif, tsnp-t100.gif, tsnp-w35.gif, tsnp-w100.gif,

No cycling
tsnc-35.gif, tsnc-100.gif, tsnc-t35.gif, tsnc-t100.gif, tsnc-w35.gif, tsnc-w100.gif,

No vehicles with over 12 seats except regular scheduled, school and work buses
tsnb-35.gif, tsnb-100.gif, tsnb-t35.gif, tsnb-t100.gif, tsnb-w35.gif, tsnb-w100.gif,

No motor vehicles except solo motorcycles, scooters or mopeds
tsnw-35.gif, tsnw-100.gif, tsnw-t35.gif, tsnw-t100.gif, tsnw-w35.gif, tsnw-w100.gif,

Stop and give way
tsst-35.gif, tsst-100.gif, tsst-t35.gif, tsst-t100.gif, tsst-w35.gif, tsst-w100.gif,

No entry for vehicular traffic
tsne-35.gif, tsne-100.gif, tsne-t35.gif, tsne-t100.gif, tsne-w35.gif, tsne-w100.gif,

National speed limit applies
tsns-35.gif, tsns-100.gif, tsns-t35.gif, tsns-t100.gif, tsns-w35.gif, tsns-w100.gif,

No stopping (Clearway)
tscw-35.gif, tscw-100.gif, tscw-t35.gif, tscw-t100.gif, tscw-w35.gif, tscw-w100.gif,

One-way traffic (note: compare circular 'Ahead only' sign)
tsow-35.gif, tsow-100.gif, tsow-t35.gif, tsow-t100.gif, tsow-w35.gif, tsow-w100.gif,

Turn left ahead
tstl-35.gif, tstl-100.gif, tstl-t35.gif, tstl-t100.gif, tstl-w35.gif, tstl-w100.gif,

Keep left
tskl-35.gif, tskl-100.gif, tskl-t35.gif, tskl-t100.gif, tskl-w35.gif, tskl-w100.gif,

Ahead only
tsao-35.gif, tsao-100.gif, tsao-t35.gif, tsao-t100.gif, tsao-w35.gif, tsao-w100.gif,

Keep right
tskr-35.gif, tskr-100.gif, tskr-t35.gif, tskr-t100.gif, tskr-w35.gif, tskr-w100.gif,

Turn right ahead
tstr-35.gif, tstr-100.gif, tstr-t35.gif, tstr-t100.gif, tstr-w35.gif, tstr-w100.gif,